Cold weather and cracked windshields don’t mix well. A crack or chip can be expanded by the sudden change of temperature when utilizing your defrost system. Ultimately, the stress on the glass will increase and this should be repaired as soon as possible.

Also during the winter, driving conditions potentially worsen with the possibility of snow and especially frosted and fogged windows. We all know the issue with defrosting windows whether dealing with ice on the glass or that unexplainable fogged window effect that frequently occurs in cold weather. Either way, you are looking at reduced visibility at times and having a damaged windshield or auto glass of any kind can become a safety concern.

We pride ourselves on using the proper kind of adhesive for different times of the year and different weather requirements. Especially in the winter months is it vital to use a certain kind of adhesive that cures appropriately for any type of auto glass replacement. This is an important consideration that many shops don’t leverage properly.

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