You deserve the best service money can buy when you need your windshield replaced. The services offered by our San Marcos windshield replacement professionals will get your windshield replaced efficiently and quickly using the best materials around. Our level of care in this business exceeds that of all others.

Low Price Auto Glass

We offer competitive pricing, along with a strong commitment to quality, that will guarantee you the best prices and customer experience! We have been in business since 1988, with over 160 locations across the nation!

Efficient Windshield Replacement Services

San Marcos windshield replacement experts are fully trained on how to remove any broken glass from your car, inspect your windshield for damages and install your new windshield in a professional and quick manner. Our windshield replacement services are usually done within an hour, whether we are replacing your front or rear windshield. After having your rear windshield replaced you can generally drive your car right away. When having your front windshield replaced we recommend you wait until the new windshield has been in for one hour before you drive your car away.

Quality materials

The structural strength of your car is very dependent upon the windshield of your car. We care about keeping you safe in your car and that is why we rigorously test all of our products. The glass we use to replace your broken windshield is approved under OEM standards. The adhesives we use to keep your windshield in place are high quality and they seal quickly. Every piece of material we use meets, and often exceeds, both state and federal standards.

Professional care

Our San Marcos windshield replacement services are designed to exceed your expectations of us. We all inspect your windshield to determine if it can be repaired rather than replaced because we care about saving you money. During the replacement process we ensure that your rear view mirror is firmly affixed to your windshield. We also transfer your registration and inspection stickers. We test the technical components of your car, including your defrost technology, to make sure everything is working properly. We also remove any broken glass from your car and clean your windows and windshields before we declare the job to be done.

We are the best choice when it comes to San Marcos windshield replacement and our auto glass service. Call or stop by and schedule an appointment to receive our services.

Our Services

      • Windshields From $99 and up
      • Side Windows From $79 and up