If your car’s windshield has chips or cracks in it, both you and your passengers are in danger of becoming injured. This means that when you notice a chip or crack in your windshield you will want to have it fixed as soon as possible. Our San Marcos windshield repair services can eliminate the chips and cracks from your windshield. This prevents you from being in danger in the future, prevents additional damage to your windshield and restores the structural integrity of your vehicle. Our repair process is usually completed in less than half an hour.

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How Do Chips Become Cracks?

Rough driving conditions as well as extreme temperatures are the two main reasons why chips in your windshield will quickly turn to cracks in your windshield if you don’t have it repaired soon enough. Everyday driving can still cause the radiation and expansion of any crack in your windshield. Eventually this will destroy the seal of the windshield if the problem is not corrected.

Weather that is extremely cold can easily cause a small crack to become a large crack. The extremely cold weather causes the windshield to crack horizontally while extremely warm weather causes the windshield to crack vertically. Using your car’s air conditioner can actually make the vertical crack even larger.

The Danger of a Chipped Windshield

From experience you probably know that once your windshield is chipped, it can start to crack with no notice. The longer chips are left in a windshield untreated the more likely it is that those chips will turn into cracks. Even a small crack can weaken the integrity of your car’s windshield.

Your windshield provides your car with roughly one third of its structural strength. In an accident where your car rolls over, the weight of the windshield supports the roof of the car. Our San Marcos windshield repair experts will quickly fix your windshield for a reasonable price. We only use the best materials and always offer the best service possible. This means taking chances with your safety is simply not worth the risk.

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