The structural integrity of any car windshields that are chipped should be restored before it is too late. As long as your windshield is repairable, our San Marcos auto glass repair specialists can quickly fix them in a professional manner. Often our specialists are able to finish the job in no more than a half hour.

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The Auto Glass Repair Process

We start out by inspecting the damage to your windshield to ensure we can safely repair it. Before any repair begins on your car we take the time to make sure the rest of your car is protected. We do this by removing any debris or moisture found in the chip. Once we have cleaned the chip out we insert a special resin into the chip and let it harden. This creates a strong seal where the chip in the windshield was.

The final step in this process is to clear out extra resin to make sure we leave your windshield flush and smooth. Then you are free to take your car back on the road.

Repairing Cracked Auto Glass

We can often fix small cracks in your windshield. Having your windshield repaired by auto glass professionals prevents the cracks in your windshield from spreading and preserves its factory seal. We take the same steps to repair cracks in your windshield that we take to repair chips in your windshield. Like the chip repair process, this process can usually be done in a half hour or less also.

If not treated quickly, chips can easily turn into cracks, which then begin to spread. When the damage is repaired while the crack is still small you are saving yourself money on windshield replacements and also maintain the integrity of the factory seal used on your windshield. Call us or stop by and see us before your chips become cracks.

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